Haflinger Felt Slippers


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Grizzly Torben is the best selling Haflinger clog and a style we have now successfully run for many years. These felted clogs are unisex and feature a cork footbed and good arch support. The durable sole also means that you can pop outside to ‘do the bins’ without ruining your slippers. The shallow lip that holds the heel is also sufficient for you to feel comfortable and not worry about going up and down stairs in them.

  • Classic design
  • Felted wool upper with leather trim
  • Unique contoured footbed
  • High arch support, especially good for feet that need extra support
  • Ideal to withstand everyday wear with a hardwearing sole
  • Easy to kick on & off
  • Normal/wide fit
  • Cork/rubber footbed keep your feet comfortable. Insulated and warm in winter, cool in summer

How do I measure my shoe size?  Our step-by-step guide

To find the perfect size you need to measure your feet. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult and can be done quickly.
Follow this step by step guide on how to get your ideal shoe size:

Step 1: Stand barefoot on a flat surface with your heel against the wall.
Step 2: Place a ruler or tape measure next to your foot so that it also touches the wall.
Step 3: Now read the length of your foot at the tip of your longest toe and note the value.
Step 4: Compare the measured value with the size chart below and find your shoe size.

A few additional tips to obtain a successful measurement:

  • You should measure your foot while standing so that it is fully loaded with your body weight. The value will be slightly different when sitting or crouching.
  • It is best to measure the foot in the afternoon or evening because your feet are always a bit swollen. This reduces the risk of choosing shoes that are too small.
  • If your foot is between two sizes, we recommend the larger shoe size
  • If you have feet of different sizes, also adjust to the larger foot.
  • Specific fitting information is shown in each product description, please read these carefully.

Determine the right shoe size with our size chart

Now that you have measured your feet you can find here which size is best for you. We have already factored in the necessary buffer for room at the end of the shoes.

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